A comparison of the efficacy of cinnarizine with scopolamine in the treatment of seasickness

Pingree BJ, Pethybridge RJ

Institute of Naval Medicine, Alverstoke, Gosport, Hants., UK.

Scopolamine was compared with cinnarizine in a double-blind sea trial involving 179 subjects from the crews of 2 warships. Medication was initiated prophylactically when weather information indicated the approach of nauseogenic conditions. Ship motion was measured during drug treatment periods. In one ship, moderate to severe nauseogenic conditions were encountered; a parallel group comparison was achieved in this. In the other ship, the motion experienced was of a mild nature; a crossover comparison was achieved. Scopolamine was shown to be more effective than cinnarizine in protecting against the symptoms of seasickness. In mild motion, cinnarizine was better tolerated than scopolamine in having less marked side effects. As motion severity increased, the comparative tolerability of scopolamine improved