Transdermal therapeutic system scopolamine (TTSS), dimenhydrinate, and placebo--a comparative study at sea

Noy S, Shapira S, Zilbiger A, Ribak J

The efficacy of transdermally administered scopolamine was compared with the efficacy of oral dimenhydrinate and placebo therapy in the prevention of motion sickness at sea. Medication was administered on a controlled double blind basis to 140 subjects. A placebo effect reduced the motion sickness incidence (MSI) from 57.69% in the control group to 43.47%. Administration of dimenhydrinate reduced the MSI to 22.22% and the use of Transdermal Therapeutic System Scopolamine (TTSS) further reduced the MSI to 16.66%. TTSS afforded 61.67% protection against motion sickness at sea, compared to 48.88% protection with dimenhydrinate