Prevention is certainly better than cure. There may not be any certain preventative measure but neither is there any  instant cure. We do not endorse or suggest any particular product or remedy but you may find that one or more of the following will help to minimise the impact of seasickness.

No one wants to be drugged up and drowsy when they should be enjoying a cruise and there are nearly as many remedies for seasickness as there are sufferers. On the other hand, neither do you want to suffer the effects of seasickness when a simple remedy may have helped.

Remedies must be taken before setting sail. Medication can be obtained from pharmacies which help most people by sedating the balancing organs. These can cause drowsiness and instructions for their use should be read carefully and they should be taken with care. Ask your pharmacist for advice if you are not sure.

Some people find special wrist bands effective. There are also stick-on patches that can be worn on the skin behind the ear, but these are obtained by doctor's prescription only.

We have include some information and links to sites that claim to reduce the impact of seasickness. Once again, we do not endorse any of these. Click on the following:-

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