Seasickness is not a virus and therefor you cannot “catch it”. Most people are affected by motion sickness to varying degrees. There are certain treatments that may help to prevent the onset or at least shield you from the very worst effects of seasickess.

There are three seasickness triggers guaranteed to cause suffers uncomfortable symptoms. These triggers should be avoided whenever possible during the initial boarding and first few hours at sea:-

  • Going below deck for extended time periods. Not easy if the weather is poor and impossible on some boats such as hovercraft. At least try to find a window or porthole and keep your eyes gazing at but not fixed on the horizon.
  • Looking through binoculars for anything longer than a glance
  • Reading a book, looking at a compass, doing detailed work or staring at one point. Try to keep your peripheral vision out on the horizon and not staring at objects your brain will interpret as stable.